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April 8, 2015

Discover the 7 Museum Free in Rome!

Four of these museum are in the center area of the city: the Napoleonic Museum is near Piazza Navona just like the Giovanni Barracco Museum, while the Carlo Bilotti Center and the house Museum Pietro Canonica are in the heart of the amazing Villa Borghese.

In the south of the city you can find the Archaeology sites, on the top of the Gianicolo: The Garibaldi and the Roman Republic Museum.

The Napoleonic Museum and the Carlo Bilotti center are not completely free, but almost: the total amount of the ticket is 1,50€. Feasible, right?

The city of Rome decided to abolish the entrance ticket to these small-to-medium sized museums so that more people visit them.

The city of Rome decided to delete or riduce the entrance in Rome’s Museum to attract more tourist and to make them attend to these beautiful pieces of art.

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